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Saturday, May 14, 2005


Ok, so I already told you I ordered groceries from Safeway. They came today at 12:30p.m. - earlier than I anticipated. The window for delivery was 11-3.
Everything is wonderful! I didn't even have to carry the groceries up the back steps! The guy, his name is Curt, brought them in these baskets right up on to the porch! Everyone (including Aunt Tina :) ) helped carry things in! It was great! Curt even commented on my "system". :)
The only complaint I can give is that I only got one tomato. I should have specified more. I thought it meant pounds, but it didn't. They even gave me a refund because the picker (that is what they called them) didn't get the right popcorn until checkout. It was fixed at that time, and we received the right popcorn, and the money was refunded. :)
Jonathan thanked God when the groceries arrived, and he had Daddy & Aunt Tina thank Him, too. It was such a nice thing. No growly Mama fussing over kids and yelling and getting frustrated.
I will definitely be ordering from these guys again! Oh, and I think it is totally cool because I now have an order history. So I can pretend like we are living in a cabin in the woods and just order food every two weeks. Better for budgeting, better for meal-planning, better for life (who is it that says that on their commercial? - the "better for life" part). :)
Tina & I went shopping today for Sarah's baby shower gift. That was fun. We got done a lot quicker than I thought we would, so we went to the mall. :) Had Starbuck's & checked out the sale at Penney's. Then we went to Sear's. I got Daniel some cool pants. They are really durable (made for extreme sports), and the legs unzip. He can wear them as pants or shorts. :) He really likes them.
Ok - gotta scoot. What do you think of the pictures? I will post a photo of the basket in a bit.


  • At 9:58 AM, kamali said…

    A cabin in the woods, Sonj? Except, of course for the mall around the corner with the Starbucks coffee and a sale at Penny's, huh? I love your blog!


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