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Monday, May 16, 2005

Just another manic Monday ...

Ok, so it isn't really a manic Monday. In fact, it is actually pretty relaxing. The sun is shining, I am chatting with my niece, the boys & Daddy are playing Paper Mario, the baby is sleeping ... Life is good.
Yesterday Debbie & I went down to Vancouver to Sarah's baby shower. The previous pictures of the basket with the little giraffe were to show my present. I had fun putting that together for Sarah. Everyone liked the little giraffe, he was so soft. :)
The shower was a lot of fun. We played games & Sarah received lots of presents. She has everything she needs now for the baby. The Dr. told her he wouldn't let her go past two weeks, so this baby is coming soon.

In other news, Tina & I have made a pact. We are counting calories and exercising and keeping each other accountable. :) I am hoping this will help me because I need to lose weight so I can play better with the boys.

Today we are going to go to the Y and see if we can get a membership. The Y has swimming, gymnastics, martial arts, rock climbing and tumbling classes (these would be for Nicholas) for free with membership. :) Since we would be spending money to have them in classes & I would like to join a gym, the Y seems to be a good blend - the boys could take the lessons they need & I would have a place to work out. They also have homeschool classes - P.E. & swimming. So pray that this works out.

I think that is all for now. Still reveling in not having to go to the store to shop this week. :-D


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