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Monday, May 30, 2005

Melancholy Monday

Today is Memorial Day. I learned today that if one has a flagpole in one's yard, on Memorial Day you keep it at half-staff until noon, then raise it to full staff. This is to honor both those who died and those who didn't. Isn't it cool that we live in such a country where our military is voluntary, and our freedoms are protected? I've wondered how it must've felt to live under Sadaam's regime. You wouldn't be able to trust the military because they weren't there to protect you, they were there to enforce Sadaam's rules/laws/ideas. That must have been scary.
We never really think of how protected we are. How nice it is to live in a country where you are relatively safe. We aren't required to join the military. So there isn't any fear of that your growing up years. We are so free that we have fights over who gets to be in the military & who gets to go out on the front lines. Amazing.

Thank you, servicemen & women, all of you who have laid down your own agendas to serve America! Whether you are a life-long military person, or a national guard person, thank you for protecting me, my freedom and the American way of life. I salute you!! (not that that means much of anything ... but you all do deserve the honor, respect & support of all Americans)

Today is cool and overcast. Jef is studying, Nicholas is napping (hopefully), the boys are playing Nintendo, and I am blogging, chatting & surfing the net. We're pretty boring. We don't like crowds a whole lot, so we tend not to go out to things on holidays. The only holiday we really go out and do stuff on is the Fourth of July. We have been going down to Ruston Way for four years now. So we know the kind of crowds and are prepared for it. :) We tend to shy away from crowds at new things. :)
We are still waiting and hoping and trying to rest in God, to see what He does concerning Jef's job and our future.

What are your thoughts on Memorial Day? What do you think of our military system? Do you feel safe in America? I am so glad President Bush is our president again. He makes me feel safe. I haven't felt safe like that since Ronald Reagan was in office. :)


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