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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mother's Day

Today was a good day. It actually started last night, at 12:01 a.m. :) Jef and I usually stay up 'til about 12:30 so when the clock struck midnight, he gave me my present (the one from him, not the kids). Jef got me the card-keeper box from Hallmark. It was a lot bigger and sturdier than it looked in the ads. Inside I discovered "The Gilmore Girls" season 3 DVD set!!!!! Oooo, and chocolates. Jef apologized because they were Russell Stovers (not the highest quality, he claimed - a true statement, when one has had Euphoria Chocolates) but I liked 'em! :o)
We stayed up a little too late watching Gilmore Girls. :)
Jef said, "You know, I bought you these DVDs because I like hanging out with you & watching them." :D God is good.
In the morning I woke up too early, but that was ok. The kids brought me their present. They gave me a sweet card (both cards made me cry), and ... Magnum P.I. season 2 on DVD!!! :D Oh, and the movies have two bonuses - an "A-Team" episode & a "Knight Rider" episode!!!! :) I used to love "Knight Rider"!!!! :) Anyways ...
Jef made me breakfast (I made the coffee) - scrambled eggs, sausage & toast. We watched a Magnum episode and the Knight Rider episode. :) I got to take a really long shower. While I showered, Jef & the boys cleaned their room!!!! It looks so great!! I was even able to vacuum their floor!!!
We were getting ready for some friends to visit. They said they'd come around one, since they had to leave town at three. We got done cleaning right at one o'clock. :)
Then I called my mom. Then I called my sister. Then we called our friend Linda in Eugene. :) She always ends up cheering us up.
After we talked to Linda, my mom called back. So I talked to Mom & Dad and then went to KFC to get dinner.
While we ate dinner, I got a call from my friends Tina & Kamali wishing me a Happy Mother's day! :)
Now we are just sitting here watching Gilmore Girls. Jef loves me. He's letting me use his laptop. :o) Even after he did something really cool in his programming on his website. :)
God has truly blessed me.


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