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Monday, May 23, 2005

Our Weekend

The weekend was very restful. Kamali & Tina took the boys Friday evening. The house was so quiet after they left. It was nice to just be by myself, not to have anyone to look after. Saturday was restful too. Jef & I spent the morning together, then I was able to get some cleaning & a little organizing done in the afternoon.
Sunday we were going to go to Anthony's for brunch, but we decided against it. With Jef's job up in the air, we aren't sure how much money we will have in a while, so we decided not to go to brunch. :) We just had a quiet morning, and afternoon. The boys came home around 6. The house had been so quiet! It got noisy very quickly!!
Kamali & Tina visited for a bit, then they went home. After they left, we watched the second Star Wars movie, "Attack of the Clones". We'd begun it on Friday morning. We've decided we like it ok, except the parts with Anakin. :) It seems the writers got lazy. Instead of transforming Anakin in this movie, they begin with him being a cocky, know-it-all, angry young man. There were different parts where we thought they could have used the situation to show how Anakin turned toward the dark side.
And what's with the whole force thing anyway?? Yoda says that Anakin will bring balance to the Force. Well, the Jedis were busy doing good for years and years. We know the Force is a dualistic theology. Dualistic theologies require balance. For each good thing that happens, something bad must happen. So the thought follows, if the Jedis had been keeping the peace & keeping good on top, then there would have to come a time when a significant amount of evil would have to occur. If Anakin Skywalker was the chosen one, the one to bring balance to the force, then why couldn't Yoda and the rest of them figure out that he would be evil. I mean, you'd figure.
Anyways, the movie was fun anyhow. The fight at the end with Yoda and Dooka (?) was great!
And that was our weekend. The kids went to bed after the movie. I made tuna (170 calories/serving) and Jef started making cheesecake. Sweetheart that he is, he calculated the calories in the cheesecake. (the whole cheesecake costs 8008 calories, in case you wanted to know) I went to put the tuna on our salad, but discovered the lettuce was all wilty. It is hard for me to use the big bag quickly enough. So I decided to run to Safeway and take advantage of their 10 bags (small) of salad for $10. In other words, a buck a bag. Thankfully I was able to spend only $14. I bought six bags of salad, two packages of hot dogs, two bunches of bananas, mushrooms, cucumber, and bread. :) God is good.
After I came home, I discovered Daniel was awake. He'd been coughing, so Jef let him get up. We ate our salads, which were really good!! They were only 230 calories each, with tuna, dressing & some Parmesan cheese. We watched "Magnum, P.I." while we ate. :) I love this show!!! I want to move to Hawaii!!!! :)
Now I am blogging. :) Thanks for reading!! Oh, and if you see a picture of the kids that you like, you can comment on it. They can read the comments. :)


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