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Monday, May 23, 2005

Questions ...

Have you ever looked back on your walk as a Christian and observed places where you had part of things "right" but other parts so wrong? I remember a time when I was full of faith, and knew I was hearing God, but at the same time I was very proud, selfish, self-absorbed, critical, self-righteous, and pious. Yes, I heard God speak to me about where to go to college and stuff like that, but man, was I off on the whole personal aspect of life!! Have you ever seen this in your life?
How do you tackle the day-to-day Christian living? Is it a struggle to remember to be kind, or does it come naturally? Are you as courteous to your family as you are to strangers you meet? I have trouble with that. I am always so cheerful & courteous to people at the grocery store, bank, etc., but my family often sees the worst of me.


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