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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Ok, if I'm gonna do this blog thing, I'm going to have to become more original! I cannot, for the life of me, think up titles for these things!! I go to blog, see "title" and freeze. Nothing comes to mind. :p
Matt & Sarah had their baby! Baby DuCom weighed in at 6#, 12 oz., and is 20" long! I think he looks awfully sweet & can't wait to hug him! Matt said he's pretty mellow, hasn't been crying a lot or anything. Hopefully we will get to go visit them in a couple weeks. :) Yay!!! I love babies!!!
On a housekeeping note, it has come to my attention that posting a comment is not as easy as I thought. Apparently Blogger has their member identity set up as the default. So, when you go to post a comment, click on "other" or "anonymous". You can always sign your name within your comment, so I will know who you are. :)
Jef is working on this whole starting up a computer/network business. He's been brushing up on some skills, reading some more books and getting ready. One of the things that would be really, really nice to have is a Fluke meter. He's entered to win one on (Fluke is the brand name - wouldn't it be great if there was a meter so you could know if circumstances in your life were flukes or not?!). Please pray that he wins it. The meter costs $1700 with tax. It would probably qualify for free shipping with :D
Everyone is kinda sick-y here. Jef is home with a headaches, stomach ache and sore throat, Jonathan, Daniel & Nicholas all have sniffly noses, and I have a headache & sore throat. :(
Guess that is all my news for today. I am getting ready to call the Y to see if they will give us any financial assistance.
We are hoping that Jef will be able to get unemployment. He's heard that the pay cut would cause him to bring home about half of what he makes now. Pay like that is certainly not worth driving to Seattle every day, paying for gas & car repairs. So we will see what happens. He'd like to get unemployment and then start up his own business. :)
Ok ~ so I called the Y ... (drumroll, please)
We've been approved at 50%!!!! We have until July 18, to decide. The first month would cost us $113.25, and then it would be $57/mo. after that!! :) God is good!! That is actually less than I was planning to spend to join Pure Fitness. That gym was $22/mo., and for $38/mo. the kids could come to the playhouse while I exercised. All in all, I thought that Pure Fitness ended up being about $68/mo., which didn't include ANY classes for the kids. :)


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