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Saturday, May 14, 2005


The past few days have been busy for us. Jef set up my computer in the kitchen so I could post pictures (yay!).
Thursday was our regular ice skating day, but it wasn't regular at all. We arrived at
Sprinker only to see big red signs saying the rink would be closed. If you click on the above link, you'll notice something too over the picture of the ice rink. First thought that ran through my head was "oh no! the rink is closed!!" and then, "at least they could have called us" since we drive a good thirty minutes to get to skating lessons. :)
But the rink wasn't closed on Thursday!!
Sprinker will be closed from May 15 until June 3, though. :( So Thursday was the boys' last day of skating lessons. No evaluation was given, no certificates received. They did, however, get a ribbon that says, "I tried my best!" (personally I think that is a pretty cheesy saying, but hey!)
While we were at skating lessons I talked to another mom. The ice skating people had given us two options because of the cancellation. Option 1 was to transfer our $24/kid to the next set of lessons beginning June 20 and running through Aug. 11. Option 2 was to receive a refund and get 10% off our next Learn to Skate Series of lessons. After talking to Mary (the mom of Charissa & Aaron, the children Jonathan & Daniel skate with & met at Chuck E. Cheese), we decided to get a refund. This summer there are all sorts of classes and things to do with the Parks Dept. Having skating would cut into that. And we want to be outdoors in the nice weather. So we will sign up for skating again in the fall. :)
During my conversation with Mary, I learned about the Y. I should preface this. I have been looking for a gym to join for a while now. I went to Curves, but they couldn't tell me anything about how it worked until I signed a thing and gave them my banking info (not gonna happen). I looked at Bally, but they didn't have a lot to offer for the kids. I need a place where they can play while I work out. Otherwise I would have to cut into our morning time with Daddy. Cutting into our time with Daddy is something I hate doing. Anyways ... I have looked into a lot of different gyms. I knew the Y had homeschool PE classes, but whenever I tried to find out about the cost, it seemed exorbitant. Mary told me if you are a member of the Y, they can take swimming lessons for free. So I called the Y and got the low-down. :) It would cost us (without financial assistance) $100/mo. for the whole family. The boys could take swimming, gymnastics, and martial arts all for free. They even have a toddler tumbling class for Nicholas. So ... I am thinking this is a good thing. Swimming lessons this summer would cost us $30/kid and only last two weeks. I have no idea how much gymnastics would cost. With the Y, both Jef & I would be able to work out or swim or whatever, and the kids could take the classes they need. :) We're still looking into it, but it looks pretty good.
So that was Thursday. I cleaned, but didn't get everything I wanted to done. Friday Jef went to Tina's work and fixed the computers. :) I went online to see about ordering groceries from It was a good thing, so I did it! Our groceries will be arriving today, between 11:01 a.m. and 3 p.m.!!! Ordering online was so nice! Here's why ~
  • I didn't have to take two hours from my day to go to the store.
  • I didn't have to wander around said store with three little kids in tow.
  • I didn't have to buy corn dogs & pizza sticks.
  • I didn't have to hear "can we get that, Mommy?" or "Nicholas is hitting me!".
  • I didn't have to constantly tell the kids to keep it down, reminding them we are in a store.
  • The only impulse buy I did was to order something on sale.
  • I wasn't frazzled at the end of my shopping experience; matter of fact, I was quite happy.
  • I was able to look at the price per sheet/ounce/pound/item and compare it to all the others on the same shelf without getting down on my hands and knees or standing in the aisle talking to myself & losing my train of thought because "Moooom!". :)
  • Almost everything I wanted I found. There were only three things I had trouble finding. One item I couldn't find at all, and the other two I found similar items & asked for what I wanted in my note to my personal shopper.
  • You have a personal shopper! You can request certain things (the writing space is rather small, though) and they will do their best to get it for you.
  • I was able to leave my cart, cook supper & come back. I actually took two and a half days to make this order.
  • I got a free lasagna because I ordered enough food.

It was so fun! I would recommend shopping for groceries online to everyone! :)

The rest of my Friday was spent posting pictures, doing dishes, folding laundry, watching the last "Star Trek: Enterprise" episodes (that's a whole other blog), making cookies (chocolate chip, of course) and oh! talking to Barb!! Barb called me! So I got filled in on all sorts of news. :) Barb always stays in touch with people. We always love it when she calls.

Ok, the kids are in the tub & I need to get ready. Tina & I are going shopping today. We're looking for presents for Sarah's baby shower. Oh yeah, I'm doing that today and tomorrow I am riding down with Debbie & Amy to Sarah's shower. I hope she likes her basket. :) I'll take a picture of it and post it later.



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