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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Danimal's Party

Today we had Daniel's 6th birthday party. Tomorrow he will have some more friends over. He is one lucky boy! :)
We decided to have his party at 2p.m. Grandma came to the rescue with a cake, because Jef, Daniel & I (and I think Nicholas, too) were sick on Wednesday & Thursday. I still didn't feel all that great until today. So Mom got a really yummy cake (see picture above), and we also had Doritos, Cheez-its, and some cookies.
When Uncle Doug & Aunt Marie arrived with Matthew & Jacob, Daniel asked if he could show them his new game. So he started up his Star Wars game & they all played that for a while. Even Uncle Doug got in on the action! :)
After a bit, we opened presents. Daniel received a Darth Vader helmet (it lets you "sound" like Darth Vader kind of), some Star Wars legos, a light saber (the plastic kind), three wooden vehicles to paint & put together, M&Ms, and a bike (oh, and a bike helmet). :) Daniel surprised me and took to the bike right away. When Jonathan got his bike, he was a bit more afraid. But that is my Daniel - he likes to go! And he's good at sports and things that require dexterity.
Once all the presents were open, we had cake & ice cream. Daniel had requested ice cream cones, too, so you had the choice of having cake & ice cream or cake & an ice cream cone. :)
All in all it was a very fun day. Now my tired little boy is sleeping, so I will sign off.


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