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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Meanderings ...

Today must be a post day. This is my third (or is it fourth?) post! This one is an update. :)
~ Daniel's party went well. We had a good time with all our guests, although we missed those were unable to come. Hopefully we'll get to see them soon. I've got to get Daniel started on Thank You notes. He received a bike & bike helmet (from A. Kamali & A. Tina); three wooden vehicles to put together & paint (from Grandma); a lightsaber, Darth Vader Helmet & Star Wars Legos (from U. Doug, A. Marie, Matthew & Jacob); a game of "Sorry!" (from Granny & Grandfather); a transformer (from his friend Aaron) and a Star Wars lightsaber video game (from Mommy & Daddy). Jonathan got him a really funny card with hamster jokes in it (Jonathan is into jokes right now ... Daniel doesn't always get them). I think everyone had a good time. Daniel has been enjoying his presents a lot. Everyone who comes over has to see all his new stuff! :)
~ I went on a search for a minivan. As I posted below, I found one, and we were going to look at it on Sunday. Well, we looked at our finances, and at winter approaching and decided against it. Natural gas prices are rising. I think FOX News said they would be triple this winter. Our heating bill last winter was about $200/mo. So we need to save our savings for those bills - at least until Jef gets some dependable computer jobs.
~ So we're back to being a one car family. Thankfully, bowling, science classes, and homeschool groups all run in the mornings. :) Praise the Lord! I was worried about the boys being stuck at home all winter.
~ I've set Sept. 6 as our first day of school. They've been doing school here & there, but I want to have some things that we are working toward.
~ We're going to study the body for science, and how the world began/ancient civilizations for history. I'm going to buy Math-U-See for their math this year. For English we'll be learning about punctuation & parts of speech. We'll copy Bible verses and poems. I always like to see how the boys think, so they will still be writing short stories for me. I've found a "budding scientists" class for them to attend on the first and third Wednesdays of the month.
~ Nicholas will be learning letters, shapes, colors & numbers this year. He will be going to a Nature Alphabet each week. He'll also learn about the body with Jonathan & Daniel.
~ I've found a bowling league the older two can join. It is on Wednesdays, too, though. So I have to find out if they have to come every week, or if they can come on the second & fourth Wednesdays. I've also found a homeschool co-op that meets on Fridays from 9:30 - 12. It is a little pricey, but I think we can swing it. This is the co-op that Aaron & Charissa attend. :)
~ So, hopefully we will be faithful in the training of our children this year. I am more driven this year than I was before because Jonathan will turn 8 in April. That means he will need to be tested. I am not sure if he has to be tested near his birthday or if he has to be tested before we begin the next school year. That is something to look into!
~ Ok, so I told you how the party went, I've told you about our school plans & about not getting the minivan. I think that is all our news. We had a pretty good week. I've been trying not to be sad. God is faithful. This week I was able to meet an online friend & her family. :) They visited us on Thursday. That was nice. They are really nice people and they might move to the Olympia-area!! :) That would be fun.

~ Oh! I forgot - I started counting calories again. Yesterday was a bomb. I did great until Jef came home. I was at 1672 when he came home, and we had the last pieces of peanut butter pie. That put me at (figuring roughly, since there weren't any calories listed on the pie) 2124. :p Today I have had 615 so far. :)
~ Going to go now, tired of typing. :) Have a great weekend!!


  • At 9:43 AM, Buckshield said…

    We had a great visit with Sonja and her family on Thursday. It was nice to see all of the birthday toys, and my girls played Sorry with the boys.



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