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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

People, man!

Well, I was going to post a nice, informative post about our weekend. We had a really good weekend. Sometimes, though, it doesn't take much to make one forget. :p

Jef just called a bit ago. He'd gone to work a little early to get his check. He wasn't able to get it on Friday because he'd taken the day off. We had planned to go pick it up, but I am really glad now that we didn't. Jef got his check and it was $200 less than he was supposed to get!!! He was really mad. He went in and talked to the receptionist and she showed him his time card. Where Jef had written "paid time off" (on the days he took off to stay home with me because we'd just found out about the miscarriage), his supervisor, Keith, crossed out Jef's writing and written "unpaid". Keith had a week to let Jef know that he wasn't going to let him take those days as paid. He never said anything. Keith also knows that Jef just got a $3/hr. pay cut, his wife just had a miscarriage & he has three kids at home. Did this matter? No.
I'm looking for another job for Jef. He can get a job down here that pays the same, I am sure. He does not need to be treated like that. Jef was one of the ones who stayed. But I guess that doesn't count for anything. People stink.

We're looking for another job for Jef. Maybe he can work evenings at CompUSA. We'll see.


  • At 4:00 PM, Anonymous said…

    I would look for another job closer to home. But don't forget to pray for those people! Dad


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