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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


We had so much fun this evening! We went and bought "Sorry!" for the kids, and played it with them. It was a blast! :) Jonathan ended up winning, Mom came in second, Dad in third & poor Daniel last. He'd gone for a long time not being able to get any of his men out! But he was a good sport about it and we all had fun.
Thank you Granny & Grandfather for the gift certificate!!!

Today I had a dr. appt. Everything checked out okay. I was a bit down, it seems like the end of everything, if you know what I mean. But Jef cheered me up, and the boys did too. :)

Tomorrow I get to meet one of my online friends. Her name is Louise & she lives in Montana. But she & her husband are considering a move to WA!! She might move to Olympia!!!! Then I could visit her! :) That would be fun! I'll fill you in on how things go tomorrow.


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