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Monday, August 01, 2005


Just a little update. I had a D&C scheduled this morning, but I won't have to go. I miscarried yesterday. Jef & I thought that was weird. It had been five weeks since the baby had stopped living, and the day before I was to have the "procedure" (as they called it), I miscarry. I was relieved. I was worried about having the miscarriage at home because they said the pain could be pretty severe. I didn't want the boys to see me like that. I was also worried because I didn't want to see the baby, and I didn't want him to go down the toilet, but I also didn't want him disposed of in some lab. Everything went ok. The pain was pretty strong for a while, without the rests you get when you are having strong contractions in labor. And I didn't see the baby at all, so that was good, too. I don't even think the boys noticed anything. They were playing Nintendo (well, Nicholas napped) while Jef & I read in our room.
I'm sore today, but that is ok.
So, now I will schedule an appointment for a week from now. They'll check to make sure the pregnant hormones are going down or are back to normal.
That's my update. Thanks for all the prayers.


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