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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Today is a nice day. It has cooled off a bit, although I still have the fan going. :) It is a nice day. I am tired, because Jef & I stayed up last night watching "the Office" a silly Britcom that we got from
Did laundry today. Now I am avoiding the dishes, but I will do them as soon as I am done here.
Yesterday I thought I would never get done! Jef went out looking for businesses, as you know, so I started cleaning our room. Cleaning is the wrong word. Mostly, I began by piling everything I could on to the bed. Then I moved my dresser (it was next to the bed) and vacuumed. We used to have one of those decorator tables with three legs, you know - the pressboard kind, that you can put a glass top on? I found the legs, but couldn't find the top. Kinda freaked out for a bit, as I had done so much work, and there were still piles on the bed, and I needed to move my dresser back! Thankfully God gave me another solution. It took all day, but now my room is clean! It isn't like a hotel room (like FLYLady says it should be), but it is clean, tidy & nice. :)
Ok. Off to clean some more! Hope you all are having a good day!!
Oh, question of the day ... what do you think of New Orleans being flooded?


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