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Monday, August 29, 2005

Weekend News...

Ok, this whole title thing just gets me! No points for originality here!!

Let's see, we've been busy, kinda. I feel like we've been going a lot, but can't think of what all we've been doing. So I will just start with Friday. :o)
Thursday evening, my friend Mary called to see if we (the kids & I) wanted to go to the zoo. I said, "Sure!" So we arranged for her to pick us up around 10:30. So, on Friday, the boys & I went to the zoo with Mary, Aaron & Charissa. The boys loved it, had a blast & didn't want Aaron & Charissa to go home! It was neat. We played at the Kid's Zone, saw the Wild Wonders Outdoor Theatre presentation, played at the Kids' (it is a place for more than one kid, so wouldn't you say "kids' " rather than "kid's"??) Zone some more, went to the Aquarium, managed to be there for the squid dissection (eeeewwww! Actually it was really informative & a great interactive learning time for the kids), went to see the sea otters, buluga whales and the walrus, went to see the polar bear (we saw his ear!! Usually we don't see them at all!), saw the reindeer, the owls, and then headed out. It was a long day, but really fun.
When Mary dropped us off, Aaron & Charissa came in and played Daniel's new Star Wars game for a bit. That was fun for all of them. :)
Saturday I started Fall cleaning. Well, actually, I haven't gotten to the cleaning part of it, we mostly sorted and threw away or designated as "give away" a bunch of stuff. In our house, we have three closets. Jef's & my bedroom has a closet, it is about the normal size you'd expect to find in a regular bedroom (it's not a walk-in or anything like that!). Then there is the linen closet, which is on the small side of the linen-closet range. :) The third closet we have is the coat closet by the front door. It is a good-sized space, with two drawbacks. 1) the mail slot is in there, so there must be a way to get to it from the doorway. 2) the bar for hanging coats is curved, it is shaped like a backward & sideways "s" (this limits how high & wide things can be). So when you are stacking things in the coat closet, you have to be mindful of these conditions. :) We decided a year or so ago that we didn't need our storage space anymore. They had consistently raised the price on it from $24/mo. to $39/mo. So we took all our stuff out of there, and moved it here. Most of it went into the coat closet. We tried different arrangements before, but we still had too much stuff for the amount of space we have.
So on Saturday, I started dragging out tubs (rubbermaid) from the coat closet. I went through all the different tubs & consolidated stuff and threw stuff out, and marked stuff to give away. On Sunday, Jef moved some tubs from the coat closet into our closet. Everything is pretty organized now. I still have a lot of papers and paper-type stuff to go through and organize and get rid of, but we are doing better. :) Maximizing our space!
Today was fun. We went to Borders & read. Then to Costco, for gas and groceries. I may shop there more often. Their milk is around $2/gallon, their eggs are decently priced and today I found cheese for cheaper than I usually get it, and cereal for $2/box. :)
Ok, Jef is going to go to businesses in the morning, so I am going to bed.
Night everyone!


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