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Monday, October 24, 2005

Banner Day!

Today was a fun day all around. :)
Jef went out this morning to look for clients. He came home very happy - people were very responsive. :) God is good!!!
We had some errands to run, so we ate lunch & went out. We stopped at Tostacaffe' (Kamali & Tina's coffee shop) because we were in the area & Kamali was working. We wanted to say "hi!". Kamali made us some yummy drinks (my calorie count for the day was shot, though!) and we visited for a bit. Every time we come, though, the shop gets really busy! So we weren't able to visit a ton, but it was fun. While we were there, some firemen came in. Daniel was just in awe of the firemen. He really wanted to talk to them (he wanted to invite them to come to our house & play Nintendo with him!), but he was shy. I talked to him & told him he could just say hi, or tell them he liked firemen. Daniel was very brave.
"Excuse me?" he said.
"Hey there" said the fireman, squatting down to Daniel's eye-level.
"Hi. I think you are really cool."
"Thank you! Would you like to come out and see my truck?" :D
Once he started talking to them, Daniel was a chatterbox! He asked them all kinds of questions. The firemen (there were three) were VERY nice and took us all out to see their fire truck. The boys got to see the inside, where two guys ride, and keep their gear. They got to see all the gears & knobs and levers that make the fire truck spray water. They asked lots of questions & talked a lot. It was really neat.
After a while, we had to go back to the coffee shop. The boys were very excited. Daniel learned what happens when you are brave. :)
We left Tostacaffe' and went to Fred Meyer. We needed a couple things & wanted to pick up Nicholas' birthday presents. Daniel & Nicholas played in the playplace while Jonathan, Jef & I shopped. We found an Elmo cell phone for Nicholas & a plush Elmo that is about his size! :) The toys were much cheaper than we thought, so that made us happy.
All in all, it was a banner day!


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