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Monday, October 03, 2005


Well, this weekend has been busy & full of surprises. I think I should start from the beginning. :)

Ok, so you all know about Jef's job - how he's been working there 5+ years, just got a drastic pay cut, and all that. Thursday night Jef decided to quit. We talked about it (I've been wanting him to quit for a while. I didn't like how they were treating him at all) and decided it was time to stop living in fear. We want to trust God, but we kept falling back on the fact that Jef had that job. It didn't matter how miserable he was or how little money we were receiving, it was easier to trust that than to trust God. Silly, huh?? Now Jef is unemployed. We have brochures being printed (500 of them!!) and he has his business cards. Now he just needs to get out there & let himself be known. You all can pray that God sends lots of jobs his way. He has a guy who gave his brochure to the Puyallup Indian Tribe already. :) They haven't called yet, though.
So that is what happened on Thursday night. We immediately felt released. Jef has been much more relaxed and confident.
Friday we didn't do a whole lot. It was a nice day, though.
Saturday I did laundry in the morning. God is good. Since it had been such a long time since I had gone to do laundry, I thought it would cost a lot. But it only took the usual three big (quad loaders) washers!! That meant I saved $4!!
We were invited to our nephew Jacob's birthday party. So we got ready, headed out to Borders. We found the books we wanted (Jacob likes reading a lot, so we thought some books would be a good gift). We got Jacob a book of Poe mysteries, A Tale of Two Cities & Undaunted Courage. We still had some time before the party, so we wandered around a bit. The boys were really antsy, so Jef took them out to the car while I paid. I asked for the books to be wrapped, since they were presents and all. IF YOU LIVE IN THE TACOMA AREA, DO NOT HAVE THE GUY AT BORDERS WRAP YOUR PRESENTS!!!!! HOLY COW!!!! I have never seen anyone do something SO slowly!! It took that guy fifteen minutes to wrap three presents - NO JOKE! Jef called me twice trying to find out what was taking so long!! It was incredible. He was so slow. However, the long line behind me was served by the other three cashiers. By the time he was done wrapping, there wasn't anyone left to help. I was astounded.

We would have been on time for the party, except that guy took so long. We ended up getting there just at four p.m. (we were supposed to be there at 3:30). Amazing.
The party was great. Jonathan, Daniel & Nicholas all had a blast. Doug & Marie have a trampoline, so they love going over there. :) At the end of the night Nicholas came to me bouncing up & down and asking "mommy (jump) may (jump) I (jump)please (jump) go (jump) on (jump) the (jump) trampoline?" :) He's so cute.
Jacob & Matthew were really nice to our boys. They all went out to play football in the street (there were five other kids there, too) and Matthew & Jacob made sure the boys got to catch the ball & throw the ball & stuff like that. Both Jonathan & Daniel did really well. :) They did get pretty tired by night's end, though. So after cake, we went home. :) Daniel almost fell asleep in the car. All in all it was a good night! Marie made a wonderful dinner of Pizza Hut pizzas & a really yummy cake from Fred Meyer (it was chocolate with raspberry filling). :) And Jacob liked all his presents. He told me he planned to read the Poe book first. :)
Sunday we were going to go to our friend Adam's house in Bellevue, but the car didn't sound too great. Jef found out this morning that she's leaking oil pretty quick. :( Please, Lord, not another car problem.
Instead of going to Adam's, I went grocery shopping with Nicholas and then Kamali & Tina came over. We played Mario Power Tennis. Tina & I got beaten very badly. It was a fun time.
Today, Jef is off at a job and I need to stop typing because my fingers are freezing! Our house is very cold! We need to weatherize so we can turn on the heat!! I actually need to go do dishes & then make something to take with me to a friend's house.


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