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Friday, October 28, 2005

Fun Icky Day

Today Jef, Jonathan & I were all sick. But inspite of the ickies, we have had an okay day. We are having a movie night right now, so I will make this quick. We're watching "101 Dalmations", the un-animated one with Glenn Close. She makes a terrific villian!!!! :)
Nicholas is really cute. He is responding a lot to the movie. "Oh no" he says. And "Yay! They saved the day!" (he was actually very clear on that one - we all understood him!)
We are getting ready for Nicholas' birthday party. It is going to be an Elmo & Cookie Monster party. :) He has been talking about this party FOREVER (well, since Daniel's party in August). We are also planning on trick-or-treating this year. We did last year, and the boys had so much fun we figured we'd do it again. Their costumes from last year still fit!!! :)
Ok - have to get back to the movie. Will fill you in on the rest of our week later!


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