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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Rainy Day

Good afternoon!
Since I haven't blogged in a while, I thought I should. :)
We have been a little busy, but not too busy. Things are different with Jef home. We have actually been able to sit down at a reasonable hour & have supper together.
What is the deal with dinner and supper??? I have never been able to figure that out. At our house, we always had breakfast, lunch & supper. Then I learned about tea. Most people who had tea would have breakfast, lunch, tea & dinner (usually around 7 or 8). At our house we had dinner on Sunday. :) So is dinner just a late supper? In Iowa, we would go to people's homes after church on Sunday nights for "lunch". Mom & I never got over that one. :) Anyways - any clarification would be most welcome.
The boys have their very first dentist appointment on Tuesday. I am worried that their teeth are in horrible shape. They've never been to a dentist before, because I could never find one that would accept our insurance, and we couldn't afford to just take them. So.... Tuesday we will see how they are.
We still haven't found a home school co-op to join. However, we are doing better at having school each day. We have school now at least four times a week!
My friend Louise moved over to Gig Harbor. :) Now I have someone to talk hang out with!!
Last Sunday our friends the Fowlers came over to visit. I was pretty nervous, having never met either Aaron or Aisha. Jef told me I was silly. Aisha was wonderful! We were kindred spirits from the start!! (she hugged me right off - that was when I *knew*, as Anne would say) We had a wonderful visit, and the children played together wonderfully. That was so nice. We've been praying for friends for the boys. :) God is faithful! Our visit was so fun the Fowlers ended up staying until 10:30 p.m.!!! I couldn't believe how fast time had gone!
Monday we went up to Burien to return some socks & a cell phone that had been left behind. :) We had another good visit with Aisha & Aaron. Jef got to fix their computer. The kids played together again. I've never heard my boys laugh so heartily as they did that day. :) After visiting the Fowlers, we went to IKEA. We haven't been in a while, and we had some coupons for the kids. They are on the birthday list, so they get things free lunch coupons, free flashlight, free life vest, etc. IKEA has a really neat play place, so the boys always like to go there. Jef & I were surprised to realize we didn't want a single thing from IKEA. Actually, that is not true - I did want this thing to hang from the ceiling & put stuffed animals in, but it wasn't necessary. Usually we go to IKEA and think, "oh, that's so great! We should get that!" This time we were content with all we have at home. (another prayer answered!!)
We were planning on spending the day in Southcenter shopping. After IKEA, though, we decided we were ready to come home. There wasn't really anything else we wanted to do or see.
This week has been good. Jef was able to go out a couple times to look for jobs. It gets unnerving for him, though, when he doesn't have a list. So I am working on a list of places for him to go. We got his brochures on Thursday. They look really nice. I think they will help a lot in the client-finding process. Brochures give Jef a way to get his information out without having to sell himself so much.
We picked up some party things for Nicholas' birthday party. He is turning 3 in 15 days!!!!!!! That is coming up way too quick for me!!! He wants an Elmo & Cookie Monster party. I found plates with Elmo & Cookie on them (one plate, both characters). We've never really had a little kid be so interested in his party before. I don't remember either Jonathan or Daniel talking about their birthday for so long. Nicholas has been talking about his party since Daniel's in August!! We will have a full house. If everyone comes, there will be almost 30 people here!
I think that is all our news. I am learning a lot lately about cooking and how much cheaper & better tasting it is than store-bought. :) That is a good thing. (thanks Martha)


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