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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Day of Posts

Today is just a day of posts!
Tina & I went to return the Elmo & Cookie Monster shoes this afternoon. The size nines didn't fit. We went to Target, and I figured I would see if they had anything I could get Nicholas with the gift certificate too. The shoes were on sale today. So we picked up size 9.5 and then went to look at clothes. We found a steal! We found a Spiderman outfit, on clearance!!! It is a two-piece warm outfit. The shirt is yellow with long sleeves and "Spiderman" written down one sleeve. The pants are dark blue overalls with Spiderman on the chest & spiders on the buttons. The pants have like flannel inside them, so they will keep Nicholas warm this winter. :) God is so good! I was able to get the shoes & the outfit & only spend $2 of my own money!!! :) Nicholas just loves the outfit. I said, "It fits perfectly!" to which he replied, "and the elmo & cookie monster shoes fit perfectly, too!" (Nicholas is become quite the conversationalist) :-D


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