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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Eventful Week

God is good. :) I knew that already, but this week reinforced it.

Tuesday I took Nicholas & Daniel to the doctor. Nicholas was going in for his 3 year well-child check up and Daniel was going in because he's not hearing well. Daniel had also said his ear was hurting really bad the other night.
Nicholas had a good check up. He weighs 32 pounds I think and is 43" tall, I think. They didn't write it down for me, so I will have to get it next time I go. Somehow we'd missed his two-year shots, so he had to have a finger poke (iron test - came out good), and three shots! He was NOT a happy camper. Dr. Struthers said he looked good. That was nice. :)
Daniel was a different story. His ears are full of fluid again. :( His right ear is also very infected. Daniel is back on all his meds (he was off the Loratadine (generic Claritin) for a bit) plus Amoxicillin for ten days. Hopefully his ears will drain. I don't want anything to go wrong with him, you know?

Jef went to coffee with our friend Rick Gray on Tuesday. That was encouraging to him. Rick told him about selling and gave him some pointers. Oh, and Tuesday morning Jef had a job with William Dickson, so that was good.

Wednesday Jef went out handing out brochures. My friend Louise came over (she lives across the bridge in Gig Harbor) and we went shopping. :) I showed her all the neat grocery stores in town. :D Jef met us around 1 p.m. He'd handed out 32 brochures!! While we were there, Jef received a call. He got a job up in Bellevue - a paying one!!! So he drove up there around 2:30. Jef was gone until about 9:30 p.m. He did the one job, and then helped our friend Adam with her computer. So he got home pretty late.
This morning we slept in, and then Jef had another job with William Dickson. :) Paying jobs are good. :) Tomorrow Jef may have to go to Bellevue again. Another friend of Adam's needs help with her computer. :) Although it is far away, it is good to get paid.

Friday the kids and I are going shopping with Grandma. :) Saturday, Tina is coming over to help me with Small Business Accounting. Then we are going to go to Gig Harbor to Louise's Arbonne party. Sunday night we are having dessert with the Grays. There! That is our week!!

Nicholas is still quite happy about his party. Did you all like the photos? I'm going to try and get some pictures taken, but am not sure when.


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