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Sunday, November 06, 2005

~ Nicholas & Elmo ~

Yesterday Nicholas had his Elmo party (I’ll fill you in on the details next post). He received a large, stuffed Elmo from Mommy & Daddy. Elmo is almost as big as Nicholas! He loved him!! Last night, when it was time for bed, Nicholas took Elmo to bed. I was a little worried that he might forget about Muh. Not Nicholas! He got into bed, laid on Muh like he usually does (he kind of uses him like a pillow, but hugs him at the same time) and then told me he needed to be covered. So I covered him, then he put Elmo on top of himself & said “Elmo needs a Pooh Bear blanket, too.” So Elmo got a Pooh Bear blanket, too. Nicholas also wanted me to cover Glowie (his glo-worm), but I told him Glowie had to share his blanket.


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