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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

no snow

Well, the snow didn't stick. :(
Today is a nice day. The kids have done their schoolwork. I am going to rearrange the living room. Tina is coming over to help. (we're gonna gang up on Jef ;) )
Hopefully the tree will be decorated soon! :)
I wish I could describe what our living room looked like & what I want it to look like. Don't know why this is such a big issue, either! I just really want to change it. I know if we change it, it will have to stay like that for a long time. However, it has been the way it is for a year & a half now. Before that, it was the way it was for two years!

Oh, how do you like my blog's new look? Jef did it for me!! We're still tweaking it, so keep checking back!! :)

Hope you all are having a nice day!!
Will post more later!


  • At 6:00 AM, Anonymous said…

    Can Jef make it snow in my blog too? Vickie


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