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Sunday, November 06, 2005


Ok, so I have to blog about Nicholas’ birthday party. We’ve been planning it for a bit. I realized about two days ago that there would be 27 people here if everyone showed. That number included 12 kids (including my three). We’ve never really had kids at our parties. Usually it’s just a bunch of grown-ups. But, we prayed, and God answered!
Let’s see, so we had the Fowlers – Aaron & Aisha and their 3 kids; Kamali & Tina; Grandma; the Minches - Uncle Doug & Aunt Marie and their 2 boys; the Vances – Mary and her 2 kids; the Dibbas – Adam, and her 3 girls; and Amy. It got really noisy in here a few times!
The kids played together pretty well. My boys get so excited when others come over. We played “Pin the Nose on Elmo” and “sneak the scarf”. Nicholas, however, didn’t partake in the gameplay. (He can be a stinker! He didn’t want to play either game!!) Aaron & Jacob tied on “Pin the Nose”. They each received a little gift for winning. Since “Sneak the Scarf” isn’t really a winning game, we didn’t give out a prize for that.
After we played games, Nicholas opened presents. Nicholas got a TON of stuff!! We were so surprised! Let’s see, his first gift came in the mail a couple days ago – he received a gift card to Target from Granny & Grandfather. So we have to go see what he likes. He also received the following:
Two Thomas the Tank Engine books – Aaron & Carissa
Elmo key chain (it talks!) – The Fowlers
Elmo & Cookie Monster shoes – Aunt Tina & Aunt Kamali
Elmo floor puzzle – Aunt Kamali & Aunt Tina
Luke Skywalker’s X-wing – Uncle Doug & Aunt Marie
A football (nerf) – Matthew & Jacob
Cookie Monster sweatshirt & sunglasses – Adam & her girls
Dress Up Elmo – Matthew, Jacob, U. Doug & A. Marie
Wooden puzzles – Grandma
Two floor puzzles – Grandma
Two books about shapes & numbers – Grandma
M&Ms – Grandma
Tom & Jerry DVD – Grandma
Life-size stuffed Elmo – Mommy & Daddy
Barrel of Monkeys – Daniel
Elmo figurines – Daniel
Elmo cell phone – Jonathan
That’s all! Adam brought a cake! It was really cool!! I posted pictures. It was really yummy, too.
We had cake & ice cream after the presents. Everyone had a good time. Nicholas really loved the party. He was smiling and bouncy the whole rest of the night. It is so fun to watch him.
This morning I said, “Happy Birthday, Nicholas!” and he said “Happy Birthday”. He’s SO cute!!

Oh! I posted pictures, so be sure to check out the newest archives. :)


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