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Saturday, November 12, 2005


Today was a good day, even though it started out bad. Jef didn’t sleep at all last night (he gets insomnia sometimes – it is really annoying), so I woke up kind of early this morning. I was hoping to sleep in because I had gone to bed late and had lots of things planned for today. I finally went to sleep around 11:45 (this used to be early for me, but not so much anymore! I keep getting really tired around 10:30 at night! It is weird!!).
Anyways, so I woke up around 7:20 this morning. I was tired, Jef was grumpy, and the day did not look promising.
Tina came over at 10 a.m. to help me get my Microsoft Small Business Accounting software set up and ready to go (in other words, everything entered & reconciled to date). We were going to go to an Arbonne party at Louise’s house at 2. With Jef sleeping, I was unable to go. :( Being the worst friend in the world, I didn’t even remember to call!!! Louise called around 2:30 hoping I wasn’t lost. :( So I feel pretty crummy ‘bout that.
Tina & I worked from 10:30 this morning until 10:30 tonight. We stopped to eat supper for about a half hour, and we ate lunch while we worked. When Tina left tonight, all I had to do was enter the receipts for September & October and reconcile those two months! Tina’s amazing!! We got stuck a couple times – one time took us about two hours to figure out this stupid program!! We did learn a lot, however. Learning is good, and it is always good to know the software better.
Kamali came over around five, I think (I really have no idea, as I lost track of time after about 2!). She & Jef ended up taking the boys out to do errands & get some supper. Tina & I were about to go nuts because we couldn’t think because of all the noise. This happened to be the time we were stuck & trying to figure out what was going on & why credits were being applied here, and this customer account was being affected when we hadn’t said to do that … arg … So Jef & Kamali saved the day! They took the kids out and we had peace and quiet. It is amazing how much faster things went. :)
So the day ended well. I now know how to enter an invoice, receive a customer payment, make a deposit, record a receipt & reconcile my account. Now Jef & I need to design an invoice template. :) That should be fun. We are thinking of changing the company’s name to Pure Service. What do you think?
All in all, I feel good. I am tired, and want to sleep, but I feel like I know what I am doing now. Before I was scared to even touch the computer or fiddle with anything. Tina is amazing. ( And God is very good. (


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