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Monday, November 28, 2005


Hopefully this won't be too long a post. (ha ha ha ha) Since I haven't posted in a while, I thought I would. A lot of things have been happening, I just didn't take time to post.
First of all, let me give God praise for His wonderful faithfulness. I told you all about the job Jef has on the 5th of December. Well, last Monday, he got a call from them asking if he could look at the doctors' laptops, too. They asked if he'd give them a discount, so he did. They scheduled four hours on Monday!!! Praise the Lord!! Oh, and Jef was also able to work for William Dickson last Saturday (a week ago) for six hours. So funds are coming in, and God is God & taking care of us.
What else has been going on? We've been busy with school every day and normal stuff like that. We had a quiet Thanksgiving. We didn't even make turkey, just two chickens that didn't get done all the way. :( Everyone ate some though, because they didn't want to be picky!! On Saturday I made a casserole & put the chicken in it, and it got good & cooked!! :) It was a nice Thanksgiving, though. Jef went & got Jim, a client he used to work for, and Kamali & Tina came over. We watched "Joe vs. the Volcano" to end the evening. So Jef & I ended up talking about existentialism until like 2 a.m.!! I could post a whole long post on that topic!!
Friday I helped Tina & Kamali decorate their coffee shop. That was fun. Saturday I was supposed to go help, but I didn't. Saturday afternoon we all went & got a tree. Kamali & Tina let us use their SUV for the tree. I've decided when we get all our debts paid off that I will get a Noble Fir for Christmas one year. They are so pretty. Not the ones with tons of space between the branches, the nice, full ones. :) We got a Douglas Fir this year. It is a good looking tree! I will post a picture later.
Oh, something else ... we moved the couch part of our sectional so we could have Thanksgiving dinner in the schoolroom (what would normally be the dining room). We wanted to have the kids with us at the table, and that was the only place to put two tables together. Well ....
I really like the couch moved. I really like how open the living room feels. I really like having the table out of the kitchen.
I want to rearrange the living room.
Jef does not want to rearrange the living room.
He's game for it, if it doesn't entail moving bookshelves ... but, the only way to make the plan work (and yes, I did a plan, it is to scale, everything was measured, little couches and tables were cut out of paper, etc.) is to move some bookshelves. To make the plan perfect, we'd have to disassemble the bookshelves (there are four put together) and put one by the TV (in its new spot) and three by the fireplace. I don't think this is going to happen. Jef laughed at me because I was making a plan, and measuring everything and he said, "it's all going to go back the way it was." :(
I would really like to rearrange the living room.
It's an innate thing - I always used to rearrange everything. I had two different comforters for my bed when I was growing up because it was a water bed & I couldn't move it!! So I had to be able to change the "look" of it. :) It was terrible in college because nothing could be rearranged except my knick-knacks!!!
I'd really like to rearrange the living room.

So that is our news. We're hoping to have our Holiday dinner on the 10th. It is going to be a potluck this year. I can only make the turkey & the gravy. Tina will be bringing pies (she makes such yummy pies!!) My friend Adam is bringing pastellas (these really yummy deep-fried beef-filled pastries) and sweet potatoes. She cooked for us yesterday. We went to her daughter's 7th birthday party. It was a Barbie party. :) The boys got kicked out of the room for a while because they were playing a dress up game! It was loads of fun!!


  • At 3:00 PM, MsAng said…

    I can't wait to read about your potluck dinner! How exciting!

    Yea on the snow!!!

  • At 6:13 PM, Anonymous said…

    We haven't had snow since we left Indiana! Tell Jef to get with the program, that is a woman thing to rearrange!

    Love Dad


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