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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Dr. Phil

Well, tonight Dr. Phil was on David Letterman. We could not believe what he said! He is now advocating single parent homes. Dr. Phil said children prefer to be from a broken marriage than to be in one. He has to know that doesn't hold up statisically. Does he think about the women who have been hanging on in their marriage who might get a divorce instead of going to counseling because they believe every word Dr. Phil says? I am sorry to see Dr. Phil becoming Hollywood-ized. It is even more sad that he purports himself as being a Christian. Actually, I can't say that. I have never heard him say he is a Christian. He IS moral, and a lot of Christian women (and men!) follow him like sheep. It seems whenever a celebrity appears moral, people flock to them, not caring what their actual belief system is. We would do well to be more like the Bereans.


  • At 7:05 PM, Anonymous said…

    I heard Dr. Phil in Tampa when he was talking to a group say that he was a born again Christian. Yet so much of his program is non-Christian!

  • At 5:04 AM, Anonymous said…

    I never really got into Dr Phil. Not really surprised by anything that he says.

    Yes I did get the e-mails about the snow, I just haven't had time to really look at them and put them into effect.

  • At 6:59 AM, Sonja Minch said…

    See, that's just it. I'm not a real big fan of the whole Oprah crowd. But I have heard Dr. Phil, and listened to him a few times. He is a counselor, after all, which was what I went to school for. :) But even just a couple times of listening to him will clue you in to his belief system. I guess I just wished for someone who actually did believe in God. You know, to counteract all the mumbo-jumbo Oprah spouts.


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