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Sunday, December 04, 2005


It's Sunday, so here's an update. What we've been doing & what we are going to be doing this coming week. :)

Jef has a four-hour job tomorrow. Please pray the car will get him there. Friday morning we (well, Jef did all the changing & carrying, I just helped) changed the battery four or five times. Here's the story - Balloo, our '86 Pontiac Sunbird, wouldn't start. We'd had to charge him on Thursday to go pay rent (thank the Lord we had money for rent!!). So Jef tried to start Balloo on Friday, and he wouldn't start. Greta has been sitting in our driveway, waiting. So Jef took her battery out & put it in Balloo. Balloo still wouldn't start. So then he took Balloo's battery and put it in Greta (he wanted to see if it was bad or not). She wouldn't start then. We tried jumping both cars with this portable jumper thing. Neither would start. So Jef took out both batteries & put Greta's battery back. Then we used the jumper thingy and she started. Now Jef has an unreliable car to get him to his job on Monday. We are praying she works fine. Please pray that he gets to the job ok. And pray that God sends us a new car or the ones we have are fixed. Jef can't go looking for work if we don't have a car.
School went pretty well this week. We didn't do as well as we were before Thanksgiving, but we did do stuff, so that is good. Sometimes I get frustrated because it seems like every time I turn around someone is asking me how the boys' schooling is going. Why is it people feel they have to ask me this? If my children were in public school, they would not ask me this. People do not ask teachers how their students are doing. Just gets to me sometimes. Maybe I am just sensitive. I feel like I am failing a lot. Jef & I talked last night & he said I'm doing great, that I put too much pressure on myself. He's probably right. (beginning to sound like Eeyore now... ok! Snap out of it!)

This next week we don't have too much planned. Hopefully on Saturday we will have our Christmas potluck. I need to call people today. I couldn't find the invitations I bought last year. Grrr.... hate that!!! I'll keep you posted!


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