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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

It's a God Thing

A few weeks ago, I ran out of Swiffer Wet Jet cleaning pads.
"No big deal," I thought. "I still have my mop. I'll just use that."
No such luck. My mop is an O-Cedar mop with a removeable head, so you can wash it. Well, I can't find the mop head. Either I washed it and lost it between the Laundromat & home, or I lost it at home. :( Anyways ... Last time I did the kitchen floor, I had to do it the old-fashioned way - with a bucket on my hands & knees. :p

Fast-forward to tonight. The doorbell rings, it is the UPS guy. He hands me a box, addressed specifically to me. The return address says "Janet Hall".
"Who is that?" I think.
First thought was it was a misdirected Christmas present. Jef opens the package and we see it is from Janet Hall, Home Testing Institute.

Inside the box is (drumroll please) a NEW SWIFFER WET JET!!!!! A BRAND NEW SWIFFER WET JET with A BOX OF CLEANING PADS and A BOTTLE OF CLEANER and SCRUBBY THINGS!!!!!!!!!!! God is so cool!!!!!!!!!! And if that weren't enough - get this - the survey goes for 12 weeks, and after the 12 weeks, if I've sent everything back that is required, they will send me $25!!!!! We aren't sure if they are going to ask for the wet jet back (it would seem silly to us to do so) but even if they do, the $25 will cover a new one! :)

We are rejoicing over here. It's so exciting to see all these ways God is surprising us! :) Did I tell you about the oil & the gallon-sized Ziploc bags? :) If not, I will.


  • At 4:05 AM, Anonymous said…

    You used the word misdirected, that is soooo Jane Austin...

  • At 6:31 PM, Sonja Minch said…

    Yeah, gotta love Jane. :) What are you reading? I'm reading "Hard Times" (Dickens). It's good.

  • At 3:39 AM, Anonymous said…

    I'm reading Until We Have Faces CS Lewis-it's the myth of Cupid and Psyche rewritten-you gotta love Lewis!

  • At 11:40 AM, Sonja Minch said…

    Oh cool! I was reading The Four Loves (by Lewis), but I misplaced it. :( Haven't found it yet. :p

    Did you ever get that e-mail from Jef about the snow?


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