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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Something to ponder

Directive From the "Know-it-all" Department in Washington

  • This year, only inoffensive nativity pageants will be allowed.
  • There shall be no mention of Mary riding a donkey. Unfair to animals.
  • No reference to innkeeper allowed so as not to cast aspersions on hospitality industries.
  • No swaddling clothes which is a clear sign of child abuse.
  • There will be an equal number of boy shepherds and girl shepherds.
  • No reference shall be made to seeing a star so as not to offend people living in smog.
  • Any and all gifts shall be wrapped in recycled paper and recycled ribbons.
  • King Herod shall be accompanied by Queen Herod and speak half the dialogue.
  • There shall be at least three Wise Persons of appropriate ethnic and gender mix.
  • When the family leaves for Egypt, Joseph shall carry the baby and Mary the luggage.
  • Since religious observances should unite rather than divide, there shall be no "Gloria in excelsis Deo" nor any "Merry Christmases." A simple "Season's Greetings" is preferable.

Christmas is real ...
it's the rest of the year that's pretend.
Taken from "Mini Moments for Christmas" by Robert Strand.


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