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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Forever He is Faithful

God is so good!!
I have three praise reports ~

* First of all, the people Jef worked for last paid us!! They paid us early! The invoice wasn’t due until the 14th and they paid us about a week ago. That was great because we needed the money!
* The second praise report is this – Wednesday (Jan. 4), I went to the pharmacy to pick up Daniel’s meds. Out in front of the pharmacy they usually have a table with some out-of-season stuff on it, or little things they aren’t carrying anymore. Well, there was a basket full of medicines. They were cough & cold medicines for kids & even some Tylenol (generic). The red tag said they were $1. So I got $17 worth of medicine (Children’s Triaminic, PediaCare Cough & Cold, and a big bottle of generic Tylenol) for $3!! Weird thing is, I have been waiting to go to the pharmacy because I wasn’t able to get one of Daniel’s prescriptions. They told me it was too early for that one to be refilled before. So if that hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have been back to the pharmacy & been able to get cheap medicine! God is good!! Everyone has been sick here; I think we are on the mend, though. The medicine helps!!
*Third, Jef was kvetching yesterday– it was Monday, so he has a hard time getting started. He starts to wonder if the business will really work & all. God has been so good & is constantly surprising us. Just after Jef kvetched, his cell phone rang. It was a guy from the place he worked last. He had spyware on his computer & needed Jef to come in and fix it. Yeah! So Jef is out working this morning. He’s so funny because he doesn’t always think it is a divine thing, sometimes he feels like God wouldn’t help because he hasn’t been doing his part very well.

Anyways, those are my praises! Hope you all have a great, God-filled, glorious day!


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