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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"Gilmore Girls" makes me sad

Ok, so I have been a fan of Gilmore Girls since late first season to mid-second season, I think. I am not really sure when I started watching the show. In the beginning, I loved it! It was fun, and quirky and homey. I loved that Rory was so good and liked to study & was still pretty. I guess I mostly liked the quirky-ness. :) 'Round about the fourth season, everything started changing. The show has progressed in its diminution and is now practically a soap opera! Now they have Luke, the guy Lorelai has been in love with forever, acting completely out of character & hiding an unknown daughter from her! Luke was never like that - he was always honest with Lorelai. Lorelai was the one who would lie or hide things from people. Grrr... I hate it when good shows go bad! And they turned Rory into a slut! It is terrible. She was so nice and then she just made these dumb decisions and for a while there she wasn't even talking like herself. It's so sad.
I don't know if I want to buy the rest of the seasons on DVD (I have 1-3 so far). :o(


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