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Monday, February 20, 2006

A "Glenwood" Day

Today is a dreary day here in the Nortwest. For lunch, the boys asked for tomato soup. So I decide to make it a "Glenwood" day. I'm having tomato soup & homefries left over from yesterday. :)
The Glenwood is a coffee house in Eugene, OR. Actually, there are two Glenwoods, but one is right near the University & is more of a coffee house than a restaurant. They have the BEST food there! I used to always get their tomato-cheese soup or their homefries. Sometimes I would get both! Sadly, I don't know how to make a Hazelnut Habit, or I'd be drinking one of those right now, too. :)
Do you ever miss your college days? Or just days when you were young & having fun? I do. But I love our family!!
God has been really good to us. He has totally blessed us this past week! Jef had a job on Wednesday, and got a call for another one on Thursday (he didn't work Thursday, but the place asked him to come pick up a bid packet! This means he might get a really big job (40-50 hours of work) sometime in the near future.) Friday he had a job and Saturday he had another job. Today he is working again! :) Tomorrow he hands in the bid, and we wait to see what happens. It seemed to Jef that the place wants to hire him specifically, but they have to have two bids because it is a grant. It just seems too coincidental - so it must be God! :)


  • At 6:07 PM, Anonymous said…

    I miss the Glenwood, they had the best omlets! I miss Eugene...


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