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Friday, March 17, 2006

BREITBART.COM - Two Women Die After Using Abortion Pill

So it wasn't too awfully long ago that a very useful medicine (an arthritis pain reliever) was removed from the shelves due to a *slight* possiblity of heart attack. I don't think there was even any incidents where anyone DIED. It was just the possibility that some heart attacks *could* have been caused by the arthritis drug.
Well, hidden away in the news Jef discovered this article.
BREITBART.COM - Two Women Die After Using Abortion Pill
Apparently, four women have died recently from using an abortion pill. We have heard hide nor hair of this in any news!! This drug is still readily available! Why is this?
Oh, yeah, and don't get me started on the woman blogger who gives women the info they need to perform a D & C abortion ON THEMSELVES!!!!!! She's done this because South Dakota has revoked the "right" of women to abort their babies.
I'm not very good at expressing myself, but I am disturbed by these things. Here we have actual proof that an abortion pill killed women, and it is left on the shelf. Yet the poor people suffering from arthritis -- which in my humble opinion is much harder to live with than being pregnant for nine months and having a baby! -- get their drug taken away!! Living with arthritis is a daily struggle that lasts YEARS and makes one's life difficult.
Honestly - why do you have to abort your baby? I mean, if you can't be a parent, give the baby up! There are TONS of people who have been waiting for ages just to adopt! But carrying a baby for nine months is not that hard! Even if you are sick for the whole nine months, it is only that long, and then it is over.
I honestly don't understand wanting abortions. I kind of understand the desire for one if someone is raped. However, God gives the life - apparently that baby was meant to be. I heard a guy on a radio show the other day saying that carrying the baby to term would be a type of closure for a rape victim. I am not sure if I agree, but it is a valid point. Anyways, I don't get it. I stand by my belief that women DO have a choice -- they can choose before they get into bed with someone! I suppose that is why I am not sure how to feel about a rape pregnancy, because that is involuntary. However, God gives life, and I'm pretty sure ;) He knows what He is doing.
And people talk about "the health of the mother" -- can someone explain to me when it might come into play? I cannot figure that one out. If it means a choice between the mother or baby at birth, then that I can understand. That is a more difficult thing to decide.
Then there are partial birth abortions ... I love that FOX News doesn't mince words when they explain what that is! I hate hearing it, but I am so glad they tell people the brutal truth! -- those are terrible. I have a hard time believing they happen. How could a doctor do such a thing?!
Anyways -- just had to post about this!
Hope you all have a great Sunday!!


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