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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

D-day Remembered

Today is the anniversary of D-day. We stumbled upon an old radio show on our XM Radio that was aired two days after D-day. It was supposed to be an Orson Wells regular program, but they put together something else instead. It is really neat. I like old-time radio! :) (Just to clarify, it will say this post is by Jef, but it isn't. I didn't want you all to think less of him for using smileys all over the place! :) )
What do you think about D-day? Lately, I've been remembering a lot more. We watched "Band of Brothers" last year around this time. That was really neat. We have a sticker on our steering wheel that says "Freedom isn't free". We talk about that with the boys a lot. And we have a yellow ribbon on our door, to help us remember we are at war.
If you think of it, write a note to a soldier and let them know that you appreciate their sacrifice, and the sacrifices their families make so that we can be free.
God bless!


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