The World Should Know What He Did

Ok, I think I finally have the story straight. I thought the FOX News guys were captured to get this other guy released. THAT is NOT true!
Ok, so here’s what really happened. The Israeli soldiers who were kidnapped at the beginning of this war between Israel & Hezbollah were taken so that this man – Samir Kuntar – and about 1000 others, could be free. (I was going to post a picture, but I don’t think he should be given the privilege) Israel has a habit of not leaving ANYONE behind – living or dead. They have exchanged prisoners before for the body of one of their own.
Now about Kuntar. Samir Kuntar has been in prison a long time, but not long enough. Here is the story of what he did & why he is in prison –
The True Story
This is an old story, being posted in the Washington Post on May 18, 2003. But the act itself happened on April 22, 1979. This man should not be allowed out!! Why is it when Israelis or Americans do something, the whole world is in an uproar, and yet when Hezbollah commits these acts of terror and just plain cruelty, the stories get forgotten or hidden.
You can also read this article (click here) on the subject.
The fact that Kuntar committed this act before Hezbollah was formed is of no consequence in my mind. Hezbollah routinely uses people to further their goals. They hide their weapons in schools, hospitals and area where a lot of people live. They do this on purpose, not because they haven’t anywhere else to stockpile stuff.
I hope Kuntar stays in jail a long time. Israel should take advice from the movie “Galaxy Quest” – “never give up, NEVER SURRENDER!!!”

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