someone needs to redo this quiz

You Are Going to Heaven

You’re so saintly you’re practically an angel, and there’s no other place for you than heaven.

You are always concerned with doing the right thing. You consider being a good person a joy… not a burden.

You’re not perfect, and you don’t expect anyone else to be. You are ethical without being sanctimonious about it.

You are happy with yourself and the decisions you’ve made. And that’s what’s important.

So I already knew this … but the quiz never asked the all important question – “have you asked Jesus to forgive you of your sins?” It focused mainly on doing or being good. which, we all know, can’t get you into heaven. 🙂

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About Sonja

I am a wife, a mom, a homeschooler, a Christian, a scrapbooker, a cook, a baker, a reader, and a thinker. I am many other things, too, that are not so easily defined. Right now, God has been calling me to be faithful in what He has given me to do – to be the best wife, mom, homeschooler, friend, etc. that I can be. In essence, He has told me to “bloom where I’m planted”.
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  • Anonymous

    it came to the same conclusions about me. and we all know that’s just not possible. -kamali

  • yeah – you’re hopeless.

    isn’t it neat, though, that even though we ARE hopeless, Christ died for us?!

    Easter’s comin’!!!