Juan is outraged …

well, okay, Juan Williams doesn’t really get “outraged”, but he is angry.  I can see why.  


With our kids in CVA, school vouchers and other improvements to public school education seem more important to me.  Perhaps it’s personal, I don’t want to lose the money being given my children – we’ve been able to do better homeschooling since we joined CVA.  I can’t imagine being in a district where the schools are so horrible as they are in D.C.  Here in Tacoma, we have bad schools, but there are a few good ones mixed in.  And I don’t see race playing a role in the children’s education like it does in D.C.  
I understand that the NEA doesn’t want to change things because that would mean admitting they have been failing.  However, it’s not just their pride that is at stake!  It’s our kids’ ability to function in the world.  How are they going to make it when our education system is so poor?  Japan, India, even China, I think, have better schools and their kids score higher on stuff than ours.  
Maybe that’s the plan.  President Obama said it wasn’t fair for America to be so big & strong.  By undermining our education system, he is ensuring that we will no longer be big & strong because we’ll all be stupid.  
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