homeschooling buddies

Ethan came over today and we did school together. Nicholas enjoys doing Ethan’s school with him. 🙂 They are best buds! So here you see 1) Nicholas & Ethan; 2) Nicholas trying out the science experiment (we put shortening in a Ziploc, then another Ziploc inside that, to simulate blubber – like seals, polar bears and walruses have; then we put one hand in a regular Ziploc bag and the other hand in the blubber bag, then held them in ice water for 30 seconds. it was to see how the blubber keeps you warm.); 3) Daniel trying out the experiment (he said it didn’t work so I told him he was part polar bear. Then he told the little boys he was going to eat them!).

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About Sonja

I am a wife, a mom, a homeschooler, a Christian, a scrapbooker, a cook, a baker, a reader, and a thinker. I am many other things, too, that are not so easily defined. Right now, God has been calling me to be faithful in what He has given me to do – to be the best wife, mom, homeschooler, friend, etc. that I can be. In essence, He has told me to “bloom where I’m planted”.
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  • Very cool project, chickie!! I need to remember that one. 🙂

  • hey cool experiment…..very cool! I think I am gonna tuck that away for when we do Artic animals…

    For now….I could always put my kids hands on my stomach and show them my blubber.

    have a great day~

  • me, too, ~*Michelle*~!! I love the projects they get to do for Science. thankfully this one used stuff I had!