"Jayne" speaks out …

Adam Baldwin, who plays “Jayne” in the Firefly series, wrote an article on education in America.  It’s good.  http://bighollywood.breitbart.com/abaldwin/2009/06/03/global-citizenship-an-unsustainable-social-injustice/
I find it interesting talking to the kids at church versus talking to the teachers.  The kids often tell me they feel intimidated and unable to express their own views if they differ from the teacher’s views.  They fear repercussions – both from their peers and from the teacher.  However, when talking to the teachers, they tell this is not the case, that the students are just being silly.  They say that teachers welcome discussion.  I think both are right – teachers do welcome discussion, although, some only welcome that discussion that agrees with their point of view.  The students are also right, opposing viewpoints aren’t always welcomed & often looked down on by peers because it causes distress in class or causes things to take longer.  You remember high school – most of us would do anything to breeze through classes.  
anyways … it’s a good article, surprising from someone in Hollywierd.  
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