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Was catching up on some reading today and read this blog post at Searching for Bright Light. I found what she had to say about Mahmoud Ahmadinejab very interesting. Jeff and I have been watching all that is happening in Iran. I am worried, because I think we need a strong president at this time, and I don’t see President Obama being that. The world tends to take its cues from America, to some extent. Right now, it seems they are receiving a shaky, wavering cue.

That aside, I found the comment made to be similar to something Jeff & I have been talking about. In Christian circles, one only has to claim the Scriptures as reference and say, “this is what God says …” and no one can argue with them. People tend to nod and follow instead of seeking the truth on their own (which in this case would be through prayer and reading the Word). The Bright Light blogger notes this is the case for Ahmadinejab, too. (emphasis mine)
“From Ahmadinejab’s blog, I learn one thing. He claims, if not believes, that this is all about what Allah wants. And religious conviction can be the most dangerous of motivators. I only hope that world response allows the Iranian people to prevail, and that Pres. Obama gets over his fear of “meddling” and shows some courage to take a stand.”

I think, just like in my life, people need to seek the truth and find out which way is right for Iran. America needs to stand up for those who are being beaten down and not allowed to voice their argument.

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