Well, things are changing a lot at our house and in our lives a little.  We have new-to-us furniture for our living room (first in 8-ish years).  Because we got rid of 200 or so books, Jeff and the boys were able to take down the shelves that were in the living room.  We also moved a bench (with storage) from the hall to the living room.  It’s weird to see the changes, because we’ve had the books and the shelves ever since we moved in here 10 years ago.  I’ve wanted things to change for a long time, but didn’t really see how they would.  God worked on my heart and I had actually come to terms with how He has blessed us.  So, now, of course, He decides to mix things up and give me new furniture and a rearranged room! 
The schoolroom will be changing, as the boys have gotten too big for their desks and never really use them.  We’ve already made them a secret hide-out spot, so that is good.  🙂  The next thing to do is to get a table for them to use for work & play. 
The living room is a HUGE change, spilling over into all the other areas of the house, except, perhaps, the kitchen.  The kitchen, however, is getting its own makeover.  We are so blessed to have been given free cupboards.  Now I should have working cabinets and a counter top that goes all the way around!!!  Well, from the fridge to the stove – that far around, we still have to fit the table in there.  🙂  So that is exciting too. 
God has really been teaching us to let go of stuff.  He has also been teaching us to try new things.  I was so excited when almost the whole family told me they preferred wheat bread to white bread!!  (Jonathan was the hold-out, he likes white bread, but he doesn’t eat a lot of sandwiches!) We’ve also started eating brown rice and we really like it.  Now we have gotten rid of books, which I would have never thought we would have done.  God is teaching us so much about living abundantly.  Abundant living does not have to rely on what the world relies.  Abundant living is so much more than food and drink, it is righteousness, hope and peace in Christ.  As we grow and change with the changes happening to our house, we have the opportunity to become more mature, more settled in Christ.  Hopefully as we grow we will reflect more of Him and have more opportunities to serve Him. 
Wonder what else God has in store? 

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About Sonja

I am a wife, a mom, a homeschooler, a Christian, a scrapbooker, a cook, a baker, a reader, and a thinker. I am many other things, too, that are not so easily defined. Right now, God has been calling me to be faithful in what He has given me to do – to be the best wife, mom, homeschooler, friend, etc. that I can be. In essence, He has told me to “bloom where I’m planted”.
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  • You go momma!!! Letting go is hard but the freshness of change is wonderful 🙂 Been doing some rearranging (or house “fluffing”) here too. It’s good! Take care of yourself.

  • Jeff Minch

    Now…boat! 😉